— In striving forward must come a time where harmony binds progress and the classics from which they came.

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Crew’s signature beverages and seasonal recipes are crafted in house.
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Founded in the former bank head office in Montreal. Combining history and modernity, our space invites you to enjoy a coffee while working in an inspiring setting.

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Our trained baristas work with local Montreal roaster Traffic Coffee to serve up classic hot and cold espresso based drinks and a custom blend of filter coffee.

Some of our esteemed partners
Crew Collective & Cafe (CC&C) Est. 1920

Discover the historic elegance and contemporary charm of our café space in the hearth of old Montreal. The Crew Collective & Café invites ou to soak up the unique atmosphere of our café nestled in the former Royal Bank of Canada building. Enjoy a place where the past meets the present, offering an inspiring atmosphere to enjoy exquisite coffee while working or meeting in an artistic and welcoming setting.

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