The Crew Collective

Novelists. Designers. Developers. Architects. Our members represent the very best of Montréal’s creative professions. Which means more than just good conversation—it means the opportunities are endless.

The Space

Our space is breathtaking and inspiring, and everything you need for creative thinking and optimal performance. You can either book a monthly membership or rent one of our meeting rooms hourly.

Book a tour to become a monthly member or Rent one of our meeting rooms per hour


An incredible community in a breathtaking space. We've invited Montréal's best creative minds to work from our space – and you’re in for a few surprises…


The space is inspiring, sure, but so are our members. Why stop there?

Your new home away from home. Book a tour.

What would it be like?

Think you’d be a good fit for our community? Come check out our space and meet our members. We’d love to see you!

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Air Desks

Flexible Membership

Shared Work & Meeting Space

1 day — $30 //  7 day trial pass — $125

Air Desks Team (2+)
1-3 Months $300 $275
3-12 Months $275 $250
12+ Months $250 $225


Designated Workspace

Private Meeting Areas

Concierge Service

Premium Team (2+)
1-6 Months $500 $475
6-12 Months $475 $450
12+ Months $450 $400
Members-Only 1GB Wifi Network
Host & Attend Curated Events
Discount At Crew Café
24/7 Access

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